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2Veasan is an 8 years old boy. He is studying in grade 2 at Phnhi Meas Primary School (Takeo Province). He has 2 brothers.

His family own neither land nor even small fields for plantation as a means of self-subsistence. In order to try to support the family, Veasna’s parents both left to the capital, Phnom Penh, to find jobs. His father works as a moto driver and does not have a stable income, depending on the economic situation. His mother works in a shoes factory, earning a measly $20 a week.

With absent parents who visits only once in about two months, Veasna lives with his grandmother. His grandmother is old and each day it is a struggle to take care of Sovanra and his brothers. His grandmother tries her best to continue sending little Sovanra to school. Yet with the passing of time, it will only become harder and harder for her to continue as she does. He risks losing his chance of studying, maybe even his home if ever the government reclaims the land.

Education is possibly the only chance for Veasna to have a brighter future, a means to break free of this cycle of poverty which entraps so many Cambodian families. Hence we appeal to your gracious kindness to help Veasna to continue his schooling.

Your support will be so much more than financial aid. Your support will show him that someone, somewhere out there cares about him. You can help him build a better future; you can allow him to dream of a life beyond the one he knows of.
We thank you for your kindness and generosity from the bottom of our hearts!


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