Volunteers 2016

International volunteers


The Don Bosco KEP Children Fund accepts applications from national and international volunteers to support this Project with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Social work.
  • Children education.
  • Children and teenagers assistance.
  • Music and sports skills for children and teenagers.

In order to apply as a volunteer with DBKCF, keep the following conditions in mind:

  1. There is not a need to pay something to Don Bosco to become a volunteer. Don Bosco does not endorse volunteer organizations asking fees to persons in order to become volunteers. There is not any payment from Don Bosco to any person for becoming a volunteer – a paid staff is not a volunteer.  Any volunteer in Don Bosco who wants to make a financial contribution, is welcome also, but it is not a condition.
  2. Volunteers in Don Bosco must assume the cost of international travels, international insurance and visa documents.
  3. Don Bosco can offer a place to stay and meals with the community. It is a standard accommodation and local meals, Special requirements must be covered by the volunteers – vegetarians, vegans, persons with special diets, the use of air conditioning, laundry, must be covered by you.
  4. Don Bosco does not offer visas. It is a right of the Cambodian immigration. If you are going to stay for more than six months as a volunteer, Don Bosco can request a letter of invitation from the Ministry of Interior to give you a Visa for volunteers. You cannot work in Cambodia out of Don Bosco with that visa.
  5. We prefer volunteers who will stay in their service for more than 3 months. Short stay experiences can be done only in very specific tasks or requirements.
  6. Foreign volunteers must present a POLICE RECORD from your own country to state safety to work with children.
  7. Applicants coming for themselves, must provided references.

In order to apply as a volunteer, please do like this:

  • Send an email to management@donboscokep.org expressing your interest in being a volunteer and what you can offer. Keep in mind the areas published above.
  • I will send you the VOLUNTEERS APPLICATION.
  • We can make an appointment by W/app or Skype if we consider it necessary.
  • Send back to the same email the form, CV and police record.
  • Keep in mind that the Cambodian academic year starts in the middle of October. April is the Cambodian new year and September is of holidays.

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