Volunteer with US


Dr. Frank Scherschmidt from Senior Experten

Service (Bonn, Germany),spent two months in Don

Bosco Kepplanning the electrical installation from the technical school.

Since 2011, foreign volunteers have been a very important support for the development of the technical school and the Children Fund. We have had volunteers from Europe, the Americas and Asia spending between 3 to 12 months in different areas. The role of organizations like the Senior Experten Service (SES) from Germany, Bosco Volunteer Actionfrom England, Sawasdee Foundation from the Netherlands, Salesian Lay Missioners from USA, Don Bosco Mondo from Germany and others, helped in many ways in the qualification of the curriculum, the constructions and the administration. Other persons have applied directly to Don Bosco in an independent way. It is important to know that we appreciate your donation of time, talents and knowledge to our educative community of children, youth and young teachers. In order to coordinate any possible application, please follow this general policies:

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