Excursion to Bokor National Park

KEP CITY — During the holidays for the Birthday of His Majesty the King of Cambodia, the Sun Children had an excursion to the Bokor National Park in Kampot Province. They were 27 children, Fr Samnang, 2 teachers and 2 volunteers of the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund. There was a guest: Fr. Juan Solorzano, Yarumal Missionary in Mondolkiri, 20 years in Cambodia.

The group visited the traditional sites at the top of the Bokor Mountain, 1,000 meters up the sea level, like the old casino, the old Catholic church, the Chinese temple, the Pagoda, the new casino and the statue of Yay Mao.  Continue reading Excursion to Bokor National Park

Cambodian Jarai People

The Cambodian Jarai People (in Khmer ជនជាតិចារ៉ាយ – Chon Cheat Chareay) is an ethnic group based primarily in the Province of Ratanakiri, northeast of Cambodia, but it is possible to find Jarai people in other provinces of the country, especially youth that migrated in search of education and work in main urban areas like Phnom Penh. The natural expel of population during the troublesome years of war and internal conflict in Cambodia between 1970 and 1991 and beyond, put Jarai migrants as far as Thailand, North America, Europe and Oceania, as many other Cambodians and ethnic minorities.  Continue reading Cambodian Jarai People

Newsletter April 2017

Kep City, April 28, 2017

Dear Benefactors, Volunteers, Teachers, Salesians, Students & Friends…

At the end of this month of April we have to special wishes for all of you:

The first: To wish you a Happy Eastern, since we are celebrating the Resurrection of Lord Jesus that is the inspiration of our Mission in favor of our Cambodian children.

The second: Happy Cambodian New Year that enters in the Buddhist Date 2561 and the Chinese Year of the Red Rooster. Most of our children are Buddhist, so we celebrate with them the happiness of their own culture and traditions with love and families. Continue reading Newsletter April 2017

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