Kindergarten registration

Families living in the area of Kep and Kampot can apply their kids to stay at the Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten. We encourage very poor families or communities where children can be at risk of exploitation, to apply through the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund – please contact Mr. Bun Ponlork H.P.

Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten School is especially designed for providing education to children aged from three to five years. After training, children will receive:

• Development of physical and health

• Development of ethics and culture

• Development of social and emotional

• Development of intellectual and CONSIDERATIONS

• Language Development

If you or someone you know has a student entering kindergarten, don’t miss your chance to register!

Registration requires quite a bit of documentation, so best make sure you’ve got it all ready to go. Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

  • Child’s certified original birth certificate
  • Photo ID for parent or legal guardian
  • Family recording book
  • Filling up the application form

If you still have questions, please call Elementary Education at 010 386519 or come to our department at Don Bosco Technical School Kep Prey Thom Commune, Phum Thmey, National Road 33A, Don Bosco Boulevard.




Fr. Roel Soto visit to Don Bosco Kep

Fr. Roel gives the Good Nights to the Don Bosco Kep’s residents with a message of giving a lot of importance to education as a key of a better future.


Fr. Roel Soto, Salesian Delegate for Cambodia, pays a short visit the Don Bosco Technical School in Kep Province. It is his first visit to the newest Don Bosco school in Cambodia. Fr. Roel, a Filipino missionary, is currently the rector of Don Bosco Phnom Penh and he was elected by the Salesian Rector Mayor and his council as the first Delegate for Cambodia. He is committed to work in the improvement of the education project of the Don Bosco technical schools, as well as to establish standards for the educational and social projects like the Don Bosco Children Fund. Fr. Roel appreciates the works of development of Don Bosco Kep that began in October 2011 under the direction of Colombian Salesian missionary Fr. Albeiro Rodas (known also as Fr. Samnang). Friday 19th of June he will return to Phnom Penh after meeting managers, accounting, head masters and the social worker for the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund.

Don Bosco Kep Collection Point for workers in Poipet

Following the appeal for help in the humanitarian crisis created in Poipet with the deportation of thousands of workers by the Thai Military Junta, we offer our Don Bosco Kep Campus as a collection point of humanitarian aid. The priority is the attention of children and pregnant women that have to wait until they can find a transport to return to their provinces. They are needing access to food and drinking water, provisional shelters (Don Bosco Poipet will be one of those), transport (the Cambodian government sent already 200 military trucks, 150 to Poipet, but in reality only 120 trucks are working, while IOM offered 27 buses), mobile latrines and assistance to this wondering population with first aid and others. Volunteers are also welcome to join the campaign through organizations like Unesco, Don Bosco, IOM, Samaritan Purse, WVC, CWCC, the Cambodian government, etc. If you are in Kampot or Kep and you want to donate material or funds, you can do it through Don Bosco Kep. This week Don Bosco will create its own report on the situation. Use our Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia’s account, visit the Don Bosco Campus or call us. Thanks for supporting Cambodians in this difficult moment.

Don Bosco Kep Children Fund new website

new logo dbkcf may 2014

This month our new officer social worker, Mr. Ken Sok, presented the new website to promote the Don Bosco Kep Children Fund( and it includes also a Facebook Page( It will facilitate direct donations, as well as contacts with the social workers’ team. The DBKCF works with children from Takeo, Kampot and Kep to guarantee that they don’t abandon the school. It is also a prevention to child beggars, child labour, child exploitation, child trafficking and child abuse. In August 2014 it will run the Don Bosco Kep Kindergarten (DBKK) at the Don Bosco Campus in Prey Thom Commune. Welcome to visit the website and support the cause in favour of children.

Opening doors to the future for children of Kep, Kampot, Takeo and Ratanakiri